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We just recently concluded seminars and a three day workshop with FXTM in Kenya. Strathmore University students actively participated as well as interested citizens in a bid to explore the opportunities presented by the markets. We saw people from all age groups come to the events, eager to learn. They not only put in the … Continue reading LEARN, TRADE, PROFIT.

Crypto Watch.

After a period of suppressed prices ( late 2017 up to the second quarter of 2018, Bitcoin is now positioning itself for a possible breakout above the yearly (200EMA) moving average prices and quarterly (60EMA) moving average prices. This surge has been precipitated by news that the  World's largest asset fund management firm BlackRock, and billionaire trader Steve … Continue reading Crypto Watch.

Fees Matter.

“Performance comes, performance goes. Fees never falter.” (Warren Buffett. 2017 Berkshire Hathaway Investor Letter. Page 11) Let’s assume you’re ready to invest. Perhaps, you even got some stocks in mind that you want to invest in. You read the analysts reports, went over the quarterly and annual reports, and feel confident about the market research … Continue reading Fees Matter.