Crypto Watch.

After a period of suppressed prices ( late 2017 up to the second quarter of 2018, Bitcoin is now positioning itself for a possible breakout above the yearly (200EMA) moving average prices and quarterly (60EMA) moving average prices. This surge has been precipitated by news that the  World's largest asset fund management firm BlackRock, and billionaire trader Steve … Continue reading Crypto Watch.


Obsessed with signals and indicators? Sure way to deplete your trading account.

This article is for the retail trader who wants to be in the game for the long haul, save yourself some bucks and thank me later. You have probably heard it before, there’s not one sure way to trading success. Why is it then that people are willing to pay for signals hoping to increase … Continue reading Obsessed with signals and indicators? Sure way to deplete your trading account.

Fees Matter.

“Performance comes, performance goes. Fees never falter.” (Warren Buffett. 2017 Berkshire Hathaway Investor Letter. Page 11) Let’s assume you’re ready to invest. Perhaps, you even got some stocks in mind that you want to invest in. You read the analysts reports, went over the quarterly and annual reports, and feel confident about the market research … Continue reading Fees Matter.


Diversification is crucial to building a long-lasting portfolio. Just like in most team-based sports, we must build a solid defense against potential attacks. In this case, diversification can help us stay invested in the market when we otherwise would have cashed out. Diversification also helps us remain disciplined during times when the market seems to … Continue reading Diversification